About Swimsuit Swapper

Swimsuit Swapper(SS) is a mod that allows you to swap different swimsuits. You can switching the swimsuits with a menu, changing the suit variations with hotkeys, mix & match the swimsuits by keeping part of them...



3Dfix v2.3 or latest (3Dmigoto)
R Swimsuit Champs Elysees
Hi-Res Body Skin
Updated d3dx.ini


Just extract SwimsuitSwapper(SS) to your Mods folder

But I recommended to install it in the following folder:
SS in Mods\Costumes\SwimsuitSwapper
New SS swimsuit in Mods\Costumes\SwimsuitSwapper\Swimsuits

The swapped swimsuit is R Swimsuit Champs Elysees, you can view it by "SwappedSuit.png", if you don't know what is it.
It already includes some swimsuits in the SS. You may want to install more swimsuits in the future, just check back to the SS thread, my patreon or my mod site, I will post the new swimsuits on there.

SS Thread: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/124151-swimsuit-swapper/
My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/minazuki
My Mod Site: https://minazuki.xyz

Update from V2.1 to V2.5

If you followed my recommended installation path on above, you can just extract SS to your Mods\Costumes folder and replace all existing files.
If not, I think it is better to remove all old "SwimsuitSwapper" related folders & files, then extract SS to your Mods\Costumes folder. Otherwise, you have to replace the files by yourself.

Update from V2.0 or older

You have to remove all old "SwimsuitSwapper" folders & files, then extract SS to your Mods folder.

SS Shortcuts

Ctrl + 1 or Ctrl + 2 = Enable variation switch (You must enable this before any shortcuts)
Ctrl + ← = Switch to previous swimsuit (Works only if you have set the swapsuitid in SS.*****.Settings.ini)
Ctrl + → = Switch to next swimsuit (Works only if you have set the swapsuitid in SS.*****.Settings.ini)
Ctrl + ↓ = Quick switch to Base Body
Ctrl + ↑ = Keep Parts (see below)
Ctrl + Delete = Release all keeping parts (Key to Reset all kept parts)
Ctrl + Shift + T = Thigh Fix Switch (Common only, see below)
Ctrl + Shift + S = Self Shadow Control (see below)
Shift + ↓ = Temporary disable all swapping, exclude keeping parts
Tab = Hide/Show SS Menu
Right Click/Shift = Select item in SS Menu
Caps Lock = Show/Hide hotkey help

About SS Menu

SS Menu will be displayed automatically when you enable variation switch(Ctrl + 1 or Ctrl + 2).
You can hide it by press Tab key.
To select an item, you can Right Click or press Shift key.
The Reset button is for reset the kept part and switch to base body only.
If you want to reset your current suit variation, you can try Preset 0(P + 0).

In order to use my new mods, you have to update your SS Menu.
You can find the SS Menu update on my patreon.

Patrons Only version*: https://www.patreon.com/posts/62236279
Public version: https://www.patreon.com/posts/63709995

*The Patrons Only version is for my WIP & Early Access mods.

About SS Swimsuit: 000_.Base Body

It was included a base body mod in SS by default.
And you shouldn't editing it, because some other SS Swimsuit mods are rely on the base body mod.
The base body is included 3 body types now, it is Hi-Res Body, No Pokies Hi-Res Body and Puffy Nipples Body.

Alt + ← = Switch to previous body type
Alt + → = Switch to next body type
Shift + X = Nails Variation
Ctrl + X = Nails Variation 2
Alt + X = Reset All Nails (Show all nails)
P + 0 = Reset All (Body type & Nails)

About Keep Parts

You can press Ctrl + ↑ to keep the suit & body parts.
The kept parts will turn red to let you know which parts are keeping.
Press 1 time = Keep the suit parts only
Press 2 time = Keep the body parts only
Press 3 time = Keep both suit and body parts
Press 4 time = Release parts
And you can press Ctrl + Delete to release all kept parts.

About Thigh Fix Switch

Thigh Fix is what I added the vertices on thighs to prevent body clipping.
Before SS 2.5, I have applied Thigh Fix for Common body by default.
But it looks bad on side view when legs bent.
So, I make it "Auto" now, it will only applied Thigh Fix when in needs.
Also, I give a options to force turn it off. (Ctrl + Shift + T)
For Honoka body, it will apply Thigh Fix when in needs, but you can't turn it off. But it looks fair on side view when legs bent.
For Marie body, it doesn't need Thigh Fix at all.

Below is some screenshots about Thigh Fix.

About Self Shadow Control

Because on SS all the meshes are swapping from a double side alpha mesh.
And this game has a weird shadow on it, so I made some shader regexes to control the shadow.
I recommended to just enable the "Reduce Self Shadow.ini" from ShaderRegexes folder.
It will give you a perfect shadow on those alpha meshes.
But it has some problem on a few scene(It works on most of the scene), it will make the head(hair) shadow different to the body(suit).
The alternative method is "Enable Self Shadow Control.ini" from ShaderRegexes folder.
It is controlling the shadow depth to reduce the weird shadow, so the shadow will become inaccuracy when you turn it lower.
Just press Ctrl + Shift + S to switch between High, Middle and Low. (Default is High)

You can refer to below previews for the result.

Update from 2.0
Because the "Reduce Self Shadow.ini" will affect all the meshes with the same shader even there is no SS suit on the screen, so I decided to make it DISABLED by default.
If you don't like the weird shadow, you can enable it by remove the DISABLED text from the ini filename.

About the Body Type

Body Common Common = Kasumi, Ayane, Nyotengu, Kokoro, Hitomi, Momiji, Helena, Misaki, Tamaki, Leifang, Fiona, Monica, Patty, Nanami, Koharu, Tina, Amy
Body Honoka Honoka = Honoka, Luna, Sayuri, Tsukushi, Elise
Body Marie Marie = Marie, Nagisa, Kanna, Lobelia

About mixing SS swimsuit

It have two methods:
1 is keep the suit parts you want, then press Ctrl + ↓ to quick switch to the base body.
2 is keep the suit parts you want, then keep one body(Or suit + body) parts, then press Shift + ↓ to hide the others.

I know it may be little hard to mix SS swimsuit, but this is the bonus function of SS.
The main function of SS is you can press key to changing SS swimsuit variation like my normal swimsuit mod.

Update from 2.0
Now you can use Mixed Preset from SS Menu to mixing SS swimsuit. I will keep update it, if there is some good mix & match.
For Honoka & Marie, because now only one SS swimsuit for them, so their Mixed Preset is empty.

About adding new swimsuit

After you downloaded a new SS swimsuit, just extract it to your Mods folder(Recommended in Mods\Costumes\SwimsuitSwapper\Swimsuits).
Then you have to update the SS Menu too.
After that, press F10 ingame and Ctrl+1/2 to enable suit variation, you should see a new swimsuit icon on the SS menu.

If you want to use keyboard (Ctrl + ←&→) to switch the swimsuits or you want to add the legacy SS swimsuit made by Pachino.
You can still use the method of edit SS.*****.Settings.ini in SS mod folder, where ***** is the name of the body type: Common, Honoka and Marie.

For example, you downloaded a new SS common swimsuit and its swapsuitid is 7.
Then you need to change it from

; Set new swimsuit ID here
$\sscommon\swapsuitid = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 0


; Set new swimsuit ID here
$\sscommon\swapsuitid = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 0


Q. How to update SS Swimsuit?
A. I may update the existing SS swimsuits in the future, like add more color variation, bug fix, etc.
Normally you can just overwrite all of your current files to update a SS Swimsuit.
For some special cases, you may need to read the instruction on the SS Swimsuit release notes.

Q. How to update SS Menu & Mixed Preset?
A. Just overwrite all of your current files.

Q. How to add my own Mixed Preset?
A. For now, Mixed Preset is managed by me only. If you have a mix & match you think it is very nice, you can request me to add it in SS Menu.
If I think that is looks good too, I will add the preset.

Q. My SS swimsuit is turning red, please help?
A. Because you have kept some suit parts, it will happen when you selected a Mixed Preset, then you switch to another SS swimsuit.
You can just press the Reset button from SS Menu to clear all kept parts.

Q. My girl body is missing, what can I do?
A. Maybe you have set a wrong swapsuitid on SS.*****.Settings.ini, or you accidentally hit Shift + ↓ to hide the body.
You can just press the Reset button from SS Menu to restore the body.
If the situation persists when you switch to other swimsuit in SS Menu, it maybe you missed some SS swimsuits in your Mods folder.
Because of the limitation on my coding skill, SS Menu will show all SS swimsuits even you have not download & installed them.
My recommendation is download & install all my SS swimsuits, otherwise you will have a missing body when you switch to a SS Swimsuit that you have not installed.

Q. I see a "WARNING: Unrecognised entry: $\sscommon##\keep = 0" message, when I launch the game or press F10.
A. It is because you updated the SS Menu, but you have not installed the new SS Swimsuit that newly supported in SS Menu.
Because of the limitation on my coding skill, SS Menu will maintain all SS swimsuits even you have not download & installed them.
My recommendation is download & install all my SS swimsuits, otherwise you will have this warning message.

Q. The help info is not update when I switch to another SS swimsuit, why?
A. It is because the limitation of the toggle run CommandList, you must press Caps Lock to hide the help info, then press Caps Lock again to show the updated help info.

Q. The help info always displayed on the screen, even I pressed Caps Lock, how can I hide it?
A. You must enable variation switch before any shortcuts, so the solution is press Ctrl+1/2 to enable variation switch first, then press Caps Lock to hide the help info.

Special Thanks to (a to z)

ausgeek for 3Dmigoto
avenger54 for owner room support (_id), VV ModMaker
HI-METAL for Hi-Res Skin
KuroKaze78 for mod_active, pose caching, shader regexes, etc...
mono1214 for Hi-Res Body
Pachino for making more SS swimsuits
string072 for Puffy Nipples