My ReShade Preset

It just a simple ReShade preset that I am using.
You should make an own one by yourself, since every monitor have a different color output and only a few ones are calibrated.
Also, someone like warm color, someone like cool color, someone like vintage color...
Please using my preset with the latest ReShade (5.3.0 or higher).

Here, I will posting some before and after images that show you how it makes on my preset.


It is a must have shader in ReShade.
Of cause you can use RTGI to replace it, but I'm not recommended to.
RTGI is pretty heavy for GPU, but the result is quite similar on this game.
One thing you should notice when using MXAO is you should not add too much amount on it.
When you added too much amount, the body shadow will just look like a dirt.
And some character like Leifang her eyebrows will looks like linked together.

MXAO - Before
MXAO - After


This shader can give you very nice bokeh on the background.
And it also already included chromatic aberration effect.

ADOF - Before
ADOF - After


It is a shader to change the color profile of the game.
But I am not gonna to use it for color correction.
I'm using it to reduce the color output, then it will give you a natural pinkish skin for the girls.

Color_Gamut - Before
Color_Gamut - After


You don't need to manually tuning the brightness, contrast, levels, saturation, etc... on every scene.
This shader can do it for you automatically.

FilmicTonemap - Before
FilmicTonemap - After

Compared to Final Result

Final Result

P.S. For this game, the original color of the shower room front already looks much better than other scene like the swimming pool.


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