SS Base Pack V2.5 (SS 001 - 010)

What's news

Eliminated the pixelated hair shadow on cloth, plastic and leather shaders
Eliminated the pixelated hair shadow
Added Thigh Fix Switch(Auto/Off) for Common body
Fixed Black & White problem start from DMM 4.5 Anniv update
Included SS 001-010 swimsuits for all 3 body types
Improved Performance for SS 005, 006 & 008 swimsuits and Slightly Improved Performance for all other swimsuits
For other swimsuits update, please check on their own changelog (ReadMe.txt)

About Thigh Fix Switch

Thigh Fix is what I added the vertices on thighs to prevent body clipping.
Before SS 2.5, I have applied Thigh Fix for Common body by default.
But it looks bad on side view when legs bent.
So, I make it "Auto" now, it will only applied Thigh Fix when in needs.
Also, I give a options to force turn it off. (Ctrl + Shift + T)
For Honoka body, it will apply Thigh Fix when in needs, but you can't turn it off. But it looks fair on side view when legs bent.
For Marie body, it doesn't need Thigh Fix at all.

Below is some screenshots about Thigh Fix.


The Base Pack V2.5 is already included all existing SS swimsuits (SS 001 - 010), so I will not share the SS swimsuits update separately.

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